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LeadingRE & The Training Academy have joined forces to offer a customized agent productivity program. Dan Elzer, Dean of Skill and Performance, delivers impactful content to agents in an 8-week spaced learning format. S.W.A.T. On Demand will arm you with the critical skills needed to generate listing opportunities, handle difficult prospects and close more deals.

Once you register for the course, you have one year to start the course. Once you start the course, you have ten weeks to complete the eight week course.

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53 reviews for SWAT On DEMAND

  1. Daniel Corkum (verified owner)

    Very good course. Excellent mentorship.

  2. Steve Miller (verified owner)

    I thought the information was excellent and would recommend this program to all new agents and those that are thinking of starting over in their career.

  3. Julie Roback (verified owner)

    Dan was very easy to listen to and the material provided was very useful. I liked the fill in the blank worksheets so you could make notes but didn’t have to write everything down. I think that largest takeaway was making sure i have a solid Value Proposition and how to handle objections. Some things are a great refresher and provides a new way of looking at some situations. Love to learn and this course enhanced my skills. Thanks, Dan!

  4. Roy Leonard (verified owner)

    I’m a new agent with less than two years invested in the real estate business. Wow – what an amazing amount of information I’ve learned in the last 8 weeks! I’m excited to apply all of my new skills. Thanks to Dan and the Training Academy for developing such a comprehensive and entertaining class!

  5. Marion Williams (verified owner)

    This course was amazing! As someone who went to my first LeadingRE conference this year and now doing the SWAT training I am excited an encouraged that I can dominate and become the go to expert in my area. Thanks Dan and everyone behind the scenes.

  6. Denver Anthony (verified owner)

    Great course. Gave great ideas and skills necessary to succeed in an ever changing market.

  7. Aaron Hankins (verified owner)

    Easy to use and packed with tons of useful tactics that help me achieve my goals!

  8. Laurie Sanderlin (verified owner)

    Excellent course with great, practical, useful tools to energize your business and give you a winning difference.

  9. Lawrence Masnovi (verified owner)

    Dan thank you so much for helping me get back to the basics and fine tune all the skills needed to be a swat agent and to strengthen the skills that I truly found that I was weak in after 30 years in the real estate business.

  10. Shirley Behm (verified owner)

    Loved the Worksheets to follow along with and this kept me very engaged. Also motivated me to open up to other ideas of canvassing and marketing- looking forward to implementing these new found techniques!

  11. Wendy Reinike (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this training. Dan was engaging and has great energy. Excellent tools and techniques that will sharpen my skills and make me stand out as an agent. Simple and straightforward without being the typical salesperson m.o. The worksheets will be a great help. I wish I had this training when I started in real estate 6 years ago.

  12. Thomas Mastin (verified owner)

    Great program! Learned a lot. Should greatly help my business!

  13. Kathy Roemer (verified owner)

    There were many things I learned I was doing right a nd important things I needed to improve upon to be a better more successful agent. The techniques will help me to communicate better with my clients and prospective clients. I created a Listing Presentation and Buyer Presentation from the information Dan talked about. I recently used the Buyer Presentation with a couple buying their 1st home and they loved the fact I had them fill out what their needs and wants are in a house. It showed that I really am listening to them and value their input.

  14. Lois Bruggemann (verified owner)

    This course was just what I needed! I have 20+ years of experience in Retail Management and switching to a whole new world in Real Estate and Sales I feel this was an excellent start for me! The skills and techniques taught will provide a solid foundation for keeping myself focused and organized. Thank you, Dan Elzer, for sharing your expertise and being awesome!

  15. Monica Boyle (verified owner)

    I am a very new agent but have been in the business world for many years. I worked with major manufacturers GE
    BOSCH/ THERMADOR and several others in the appliance world and never expereinced such coaching and expert teaching skills !
    Thank you very much !!

    Monica Harman Boyle
    Omaha, Ne

  16. Alberto Hernandez (verified owner)

    Great program! I wish I had learned this process at the beginning of my real estate career. It is an excellent program to help you rectify bad habits and replace them with a more productive ones. I will implement many of these steps in my practice and continue to grow my business. Thank you for this excellent program.

  17. Kathryn Curtis (verified owner)

    I am a seasoned agent and this course taught me how to be more active and less passive. Wonderful skill training. Was well worth the time.

  18. Cynthia Trapp (verified owner)

    I found this to be a very useful course, showing me a different way to approach my business. It gives a lot to think about and absorb, and I’m continuing to soak it all in. Super job from Dan!

  19. Jennifer Gray (verified owner)

    Outstanding course. Dan presents all the basic, practical skills & techniques clearly and thoughtfully. His teaching style is very well organized. Each session leaves you feeling more confident and ready to grow your business. This is The Winning Difference!

  20. Michele Coulter (verified owner)

    Just finished this training and would like to say I am so glad that I took this course. As a new agent I can say that Dan’s training is amazing. The way he explains things is very easy for a new agent to understand. It is a lot of information, but never felt too overwhelmed while taking this course. Dan Elzer is one of the best speakers that I have come across. I look forward to seeing what else Dan Elzer has to offer. Thank you for an amazing course. Just what a new agent needed!

  21. Jennifer Lister (verified owner)

    I am so glad I took the time to take this course. Dan was full of useful information. He was easy to listen to, and I enjoyed each session. I know being a SWAT graduate will be a real Winning Difference for me and my career.

  22. KELLY TONEY (verified owner)

    Its never to late to sharpen your skills and learn new material! This was a great course and there are many ideas that I will implement in my daily business.

  23. Don Brenneman (verified owner)

    Great fundamentals and insightful material. Whether a new or experienced agent, there is lots to learn from this training. Highly recommend this course for any agent looking to develop discipline and focus in their business approach. Thank you for this experience.

  24. Sharon Vance (verified owner)

    I enjoyed going through the training. It was a great way to improve my skills. I still have more work to do but I am still moving forward and getting better. My core is still under 300 for now.

  25. Jo-Anne Mitchell (verified owner)

    Being in the business for 33 years, this course was exactly how my second Broker trained me (the first company sat me in a classroom for two weeks and taught me how to fill out forms) and in turn I have coached agents as a manager for the past 25+ years. It was a refreshing trip back to the basics that get put aside when the market is crazy busy as it has been for the past few years. Every agent new to the business in the past eight years needs to take this course if they are serious about real estate as a career. New agents are always looking for what to say and how to say it…..SWAT provides it! Thank you Dan Elzer and The Training Academy. Jo-Anne Mitchell

  26. Afi Eklo (verified owner)

    Thank you very much for these classes
    The courses were well presented and explained and give especially to new agents’ techniques and skills to get started in the business. Great material

  27. Eduardo Quintana-Garcia (verified owner)

    Excellent Source of Education for New Agents that are entering the Field Dan Explains each step of the Process with Precision

  28. Scott Rabin (verified owner)

    Dan was fantastic. I think his doctor-patient analogy is spot on. This has changed my way of doing business significantly. His methods help you excel by understanding your value to the client. I highly recommend this course to up your game.

  29. Aleria Lorino (verified owner)

    Good Class learned a lot of techniques. A lot of information.

  30. Lindsey Skidmore (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved everything about the S.W.A.T On Demand training!! It was interactive without actual interaction. The S.W.A.T On Demand information, skills, thought processes are taught at my Brokerage and as an agent with less than a years experience, I know I would not have had the success I’ve had (humbly speaking). I appreciate that while learning new information to better my skills, techniques, and the best ways overall to become the best Realtor I can be, I’m thankful to know that so much of this training has already been instilled in me, my practices and my overall approach into Real Estate and it’s not about learning a new way of being a Realtor, it’s been about getting even better with this training system. I am 100% thrilled I signed up and Dan, you sir are one heck of an instructor, mentor, Realtor, business man and overall truly an amazing person. THANK YOU for sharing your amazing experiences, stories and skills to make my dream of being a Realtor even more exciting and fulfilling. I am truly excited and proud to be one of the few in this S.W.A.T On Demand Graduate Class!!

  31. Leria Bray (verified owner)

    Thank you to our brokerage NP Dodge for continually providing us agents with the top tools of the industry! As an experienced agent, I remain a student of my career – always learning. Despite attending virtually, I appreciated the engagement this course offers. I’ve completed the course today and would rank it in the top 3 of all training I’ve received in my 15 years as a real estate professional! Leria Bray, NP Dodge Real Estate, Omaha, NE

  32. Paul Sturdgess-Hayes (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this thought provoking journey of becoming a SWAT Agent. Dan has a great teaching ability, keeping topics relevant, and not losing the viewer in ‘polyphasic’ thinking. I loved this class, and now want to ensure I live the SWAT way moving forward.

  33. Pam Lavin (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed learning the new skills, as I am a fairly new agent 1 1/2 year in the business; I am looking to see how they help me in this new career path.

  34. Lance Hanson (verified owner)

    Learned things that just made sense, that you just don’t think about.
    Retrains your own thinking.

  35. marva Lutich (verified owner)

    I just completed the S.W.A.T. training and found it very helpful and inspirational. I am particularly impressed with the business organizing skills taught which is an area I needed help with. Learning about the business model for success is something I will implement and help me master skills and keep generating more business in the future. After over 20 years in the business I understand the importance of constantly improving and building upon your business in order to keep things flowing and achieve success. Thank you for your fine course.

  36. Dietrich Krous (verified owner)

    Dan made a lasting impression after speaking at a small private conference for our brokerage. Shortly after, we had the opportunity to take his SWAT training, and it has opened up my mind to different, and better ways to not only present myself but to talk to clients. He offers amazing scripts that aren’t just some fluff that other places offer. They are real and make sense especially when you own them. On top of that, its a system, to when used correctly can close deals, not just limited to the real estate space.

  37. Sandy Pinali (verified owner)

    FIVE STARS *****
    Dan – Thank you so much for the time, energy and passion you have put into this training class. I definitely learned things – and also gained confidence in some of the things I was already implementing. The biggest take away for me is going to be my follow-up with past clients and SOI. I appreciate the confidence this course has given me to also follow-up on FSBOs – which I have not been very good at (meaning I have not called FSBOs in several years!) Also – I appreciate the links to Leading RE which I felt I needed more information about – to be able to discuss them in my listing presentation. Thanks again – and I look forward to seeing you in Cleveland again soon! Sandy Pinali, Russell Real Estate Services.

  38. Thomas Andrews (verified owner)

    I can only imagine where I might be if I had taken this course when I started my career in Real Estate!

  39. Doug Rennels (verified owner)

    Excellent course presentation and material. Very well organized. The handout materials were helpful to reinforce the presented material. Dan is an excellent speaker and keeps your attention. I am new to real estate but plan to utilize many of his concepts going forward.

  40. Carol Cruz (verified owner)

    Very informative and useful. I enjoyed the training and the application

  41. Helen Romano (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the training very much. It has giving me lots of tools to put in my toolbox to become a successful real estate agent.

  42. Lisa Miranda (verified owner)

    Perfect training for agents both experienced and new who want to succeed in today’s real estate industry. The guidance on the digital aspects of our business are on point. This course is challenging and with proper application I am experiencing immediate improvement in my business. I would recommend this course to my associates.

  43. Jules Zaphire (verified owner)

    I just finished the course and Dan covers a lot of what you know needs to be done to be successful and a lot more that can get you to the next level. This is a hands on engaging course where your efforts are immediately move to where you want to be in the marketplace. Well worth the time and energy.

  44. Nancy Zubler (verified owner)

    I just finished this course today and I absolutely loved it! Dan’s approach is very effective, precise, just repetitive enough to let it sink in and never boring… He’s a natural at engaging people. I would love to go to a live class one of these days. I have had a bit of a dry spell since changing brokerages, but he’s got me on fire and ready to go! I am a newish agent at 2 years and changed brokerages due to lack of training. I have a listing appointment in 3 days, in my neighborhood, that I intend to farm using his examples. They want me to find them a new home and list their home, too. Thank you, Dan. for this class and thank you, Dennis Realty, for offering it!

  45. Sara Eggler (verified owner)

    I completed the 8 week course recently and have been implementing the techniques outlined in the SWAT program. I feel this is a great tool for those who are looking to expand their business and gain more selling clients. The courses were very insightful and well thought out and also provide a scheduling tool to implement time off and time w/ family on a regular basis. I enjoyed the worksheets that went along with each course, as they helped me stay on track and absorb the information further. It helps target areas of your business that need more improvement, and simplifies processes. Highly recommend this course to any new agents and seasoned agents.

  46. William McNamara (verified owner)

    I have been through several sales training programs in my career, all in different arenas and with different areas of expertise. I have worked for some of the largest sales organizations in the world, and one of the major take aways I have always held was that training is a very challenging thing Different people learn differently, and they move at different speeds towards their desired results. Here at Curasi Realty, SWAT on demand training was made available to us as RE salespeople. The passion behind the explanation and description of the program from our Management staff was so real, that I decided to give it a shot, even though I have done so many trainings in the past, and if I am being honest I wasn’t sure how much I would actually get out of it. I kind of expected “the usual” program with a few tips and tricks and maybe a neat concept or two buried in Ra Ra motivational stuff. Boy was I in for a surprise..

    This program is a comprehensive step by step roadmap to success through creating and maintaining proven work habits that get it done. It breaks down every part of the process, from intention to action, and gives real time productive strategies to building and maintaining a business that will endure no matter what “kind” of market we are currently in. This program is pure Gold! From the philosophy of building client relationships to the step by step instructions of how to do it, I cannot say enough positive things about this training. I have adapted my business practices to be in alignment with Dan Elzer’s system, and I am seeing significant results. If your brokerage gives you the opportunity to partner with Dan Elzer and Leading RE and partake of this training, DO IT! It will change your planning, time management, and results significantly for the better. If your brokerage doesn’t offer it, then reach out to me and come join us here at Curasi Realty and take your career to the next level!

  47. LEANN FINLAY (verified owner)

    Thank you! Dan is a wonderful trainer/speaker. I’m a new agent and this program was conveyed in an easy to understand manner. It’s an excellent course with a practical, methodical way of engaging with people. The material including the lesson plans and outlines so very helpful.

  48. cathy groves (verified owner)

    Dan Elzer is such a superb trainer. During the time of the course, I listed two vacant lots, initiated efforts for a contract on one of them within the first three hours, experienced getting my first house listing, and wrote two offers for Buyers, and loved being able to take the course on my own time and turf. And these were all ‘firsts’ for me! I did have difficulty being accountable to my manager due to my schedule and her schedule; and a recommendation that I would have regarding the accountability factor would be to partner with a fellow student for a true half-hour session. We would learn from each other and develop a valid working relationship with each other that would continue to bond us and help make us less independent of others in the office. I have actually learned a great deal just from applying the SWAT techniques with co-workers.

    The course was beyond magnificent! It wouldn’t hurt to have ongoing weekly courses for agents that need to brush up on techniques and skills (don’t we all?)
    Mr. Elzer, if there is ever an opportunity to meet you in person and hear you speak, I will be in the front row and will be recruiting other Leading RE agents to be there, as well! And, Buddy, you did a great job with the graphics and timing associated with this course – what a team!

  49. Zorayda Mateo (verified owner)

    thank you very much for these classes.
    I am super new to this business and with the little time that I have, bad things happened to me. Things that you mentioned that I was doing badly and that from now on I am going to correct. I have a great way to go in real estate and more than learning, thank you for your time and your knowledge.

  50. Shanell Haines (verified owner)

    I have taken many real estate courses and this one is by far the most valuable. In the future I would take it again for a refresh. Dan is simple and lays things out, plus he has a sense of humor while doing it. This class has been super enjoyable and helpful. I have learned a lot from taking this course. Thank you Dan for helping me grow my business. I will make you proud! Sincerely a new SWAT member

  51. DIANA RYAN-ASSATLY (verified owner)

    First I want to say Thank You. This class was very challenging but very good. The skills and techniques outlined will make me a better agent.
    Dan Elzer is a very good public speaker and is very knowledgeable of the industry, he engages you in each class. The detailed worksheets and lesson plans are very helpful. The worksheets will be a helpful tool to refer back to.
    thank you

  52. Patricia Webster (verified owner)

    Most comprehensive & practical training I’ve received in over 20 years as a realtor. I loved being able to build my business model & organize the business in such a way to increase my revenue & perfect my skills, procedures, processes and systems to glean more from buyers, sellers and prospects! When I was associated with a franchise I earned the Top Gun Academy Certificate from Dan’s great instruction nearly 15 years ago but I’ve really reinvented, simplified and built my business better with the S.W.A.T. skills training…Thank you Dan as your coaching, directions and processes are easy to follow and infuse confidence into anyone willing to implement these great skills so they can be the best realtor & they can enjoy fruits from their labors while they enjoy the practice of Real Estate…great program for old timers!!!

  53. Tracy Dubay-Echols (verified owner)

    I just finished this training and still have a great deal to absorb. I look forward to new techniques and taking it live. I picked up two new listings since I started the training. I’ll use the next couple of weeks to go back over the scripts and material and create a pattern within my own thinking that becomes activity and creates a working process for significant ROI. Great material. Well presented. Useful immediately. 22 year agent, but you can always sharpen the tools.

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